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Brittany always dreamed of becoming an astute businesswoman. Brittany began to incorporate entrepreneurship programs for students within the after school program, which later branched out into a nonprofit organization, now assisting youth with work employability skills, college preparation, and entrepreneurship. Her desire is to open a community center where youth can go to seek assistance with goal setting, tutoring, mentoring, etc. Brittany is determined to make a difference in each person’s life that comes in her life.

In addition to her nonprofit organization, Brittany opened a consulting firm, which offers business coaching to assist aspiring and established entrepreneurs reach their full potential in business. She is passionate about encouraging and teaching entrepreneurs how to develop sustainable businesses that will last them a lifetime.

Brittany received her Bachelors of Business Management at Johnson C. Smith University, July 2011. She received her Masters of Business Administration Degree at Trinity Washington University, May 2015.

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I am here to help you! My goal is to help entrepreneurs of all levels (aspiring, part-time, and full-time) obtain sustainability and longevity within their business. I do this by helping you build and/or grow your business on a solid foundation. If you are:

  • Ready for a change in your business
  • Tired of going around in circles trying to figure out why your business isn’t growing
  • Ready to take the leap of faith and start your business
  • Overwhelmed with ideas and don’t know how to implement them

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